The American Dream

Who I am, and Where I come from

My maternal grandfather was born in a poor section of Chicago and was part of the "Greatest Generation." He worked nights and went to medical school during the day to become a doctor during the Great Depression. My grandfather volunteered to serve in WWII and the army sent him as a medic to the Pacific where he earned a Purple Heart and was promoted to Captain. His greatest accomplishments were the four children he raised after the war.

My paternal grandfather experienced firsthand the horrors of Communism. His family owned a small business in St. Petersburg. When the Communists came to power his home was ransacked and his family fled for their lives. Half his family remained trapped behind the Iron Curtain. Later when settling in Detroit my grandfather started a small business.

These great men together with the essential and equal guidance of their wives raised my parents to live with the values of hard work, courage, and the attitude to never give up. My father and mother both became teachers and passed onto me the very same values instilled in them by my grandparents, in addition to the value of a good education. I grew up in Farmington Hills and graduated from Hillel Day School and Harrison High School. During my years at Wayne State University I was very politically active. I received a bachelor's degree in Public Affairs.

My commitment to my faith and community has kept me grounded. I spent ten years dedicated to mentoring the youth in my community, and enjoyed being a youth advisor during that time. I married my wonderful wife Bracha and together with our daughter, we live in the family community of Oak Park. Bracha is the Recreational Therapist on the dementia unit of an assisted living facility in the metro Detroit area. We share a love for the community and a passion for helping other and giving back.