My Position

My plan is simply to stop spending money on projects and items we cannot afford. While this concept may seem straight forward the current National and State governments do not appear to understand this principal.

1. Cut Government Spending
Ø Not all government spending is good; in fact much of our tax dollars disappear in endless mismanaged bureaucratic programs. We need to fix this problem.

2. Balanced Budget
Ø The government checkbook is no different than a private checkbook; when we spend more than we have we must pay a fine. For governments that fine can lead to cutting programs we rely on, for example: post office hours.

3. Low Millage Rates
Ø The millage is a type of tax. The higher the millage the less appealing our county becomes to current residents as well as potential residents who want to live here but will move elsewhere where millage rates are more affordable.

4. Maintain AAA Bond Rating
Ø Like a private account if we spend more money than we have we must apply for loans. The bond rating determines the interest rate for those loans. AAA is the highest bond rating, ensuring the lowest possible interest rates when our county does need to take out a loan.

By cutting wasteful spending we can balance our budget and keep our millage rates low. These actions will ensure our ability to maintain the excellence of AAA bond rating and attract new businesses as well as residents to help stabilize and grow our county in these tough economic times.